onsdag 2. februar 2011

Brian Jarvis "Mr. Stylophone"

I found this documentary videos on youtube about the stylophone, the inventer and the artist who use it. Interviews with "Little Boots", Stylophone orchestra of Great Britain and Brett Domino.

Part 1: "Mr. Stylophone"

"Meet Brian Jarvis (a.k.a "Mr. Stylophone"), inventor of the Dubreq Stylophone, an instrument that became recognized as an innovation by forward thinking artists such as David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Pulp. NME Journalist and synth enthusiast Jaimie Hodgson travels to North London to meet Brian and talk about the birth of the instrument and its journey to cult status."

Part 2: "Custom Design"

"Pop sensation Little Boots visits the Dubreq Stylophone headquarters and they build a custom version for her to use on stage."

I really enjoyed it, and hope that you will too!

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