lørdag 15. januar 2011

The History of Stylophone!

The Stylophone is a small electric synthesizer. It is a metal keyboard that makes sound when you touch it with it’s stylus. Like this:

It was invented by Brian Jarvis in 1967, and went into production the next year. 

At that time, there where three available stylophone types:


Bass                                  Treble

Over three million Stylophones were sold! Most of them as toys for children.

After a while, a large version called the 350S also came along. With more notes, new sounds, and two styluses to play with. 

n the mid 70’s a new standard version was also produced. This one had faked wood on the speaker panel and a volume control. The stylophone had a rumour on being to loud for certain occasions, but the problem was finally solved!

In 1976 the production shut down. But in 2007 the toys company re:creation made a new version of the Stylophone. 32 years after it’s first appearance.

This new stylophone was named S1 and got an audio throughput function, and two new sounds.

We think the Stylophone is fun! The great thing about stylophones, is that anyone can play it, anywhere, at anytime. You do not need a lot of space, nor to be especially musical.

Because we love it so much, we have made this blog to share stylophone tabs and songs. 

Hope you will have fun to! 

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